Specializing in Elder Law


As of January 2020, I have closed my office in downtown Eugene and have moved into semi retirement. I am working in a small office where I will not see seeing clients.  I appreciate the opportunity to have been of service over the past 25 years.


My apologies if you've called me and I have not responded to you, I've been overwhelmed request for help and I can't get everyone. If you are a current client, then please leave a telephone message or send me an email to let me know what you need. If I can assist you I will do so, I may be able to make a house call to meet with you


I will not be able to continue to provide help with establishing guardianships or conservatorships, nor will I be able to file any court proceedings for Elder Abuse or any other contested matters.  I will not be able to assist with Will contests or financial disputes over inheritances and distributions of money between heirs and beneficiaries.  I am trying not to go to court except in rare cases.


I will continue to provide services for probate, estate and trust administration, and I may be able to assist with preparation of wills, trusts, and general estate planning, depending on the situation.


Telephone: 541-485-6767


PO BOX 5682, Eugene OR 97405

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